Food Security Project

Advocacy of the cleanliness issue

Advocacy of the water issue

Youth Leadership Program

Humanitarian response for IDPs

Psychosocial support for students

Psychological support through sports

legislate peace campaign – Yemen

Success Story – Humanitarian Response

Distribution of sleeping bags and sanitary bags for the natives in Taiz

Tragedy of 17 marginalized families affected war in Taiz -Yemen

Providing drinking water for Marginalized families – Taiz

Distribution of winter bags for the displaced – patience of the cities – Taiz

Distribution of winter bags for the displaced – Jabal Habashi

Distribution of winter bags for the displaced – Al-Muzaffar and Cairo – Taiz

Distribution of winter and health bags for the displaced in Alkadha – Taiz


Improve Your Society Organization IYSO is a non-governmental independent organization aiming at Peace building, promote youth participation in civic life, and empower them to make positive change in their communities, IYSO has started as a voluntary social initiative in 2010, and it has been registered legally as an organization since 2015


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