Wagdi had overcome his psychological pressures

– Wajdi Amin al-Masni
– Age 17 years from the Muzaffar in Taiz
– A high school student at the 26 September school
– He was displaced with his family more than once between the city and the rural.

Wagdi got a psychological shock when he lost his younger brother Ahmed who had been killed by a fallen shell in one of Taiz city streets in the last March .

This painful accident made him live in a very bad psychological condition and he entered in dejection condition which compelled him stay at home and affected his daily life too much.
He lost the desire to meet his friends that he used to spend his time playing with them.

When the coordination of the sport project competition started, the sport supervisor choose the sport team from 26 September school consist of displaced and non-displaced students and Wagdi was also chosen in the same team.

Wagdi lost the desire to participate in the sport competition, but the sport supervisor in his school, The captain Mohamed AL-Shaibani convinced him to participate and told him that his classmates will not play unless he plays with them.

Wagdi accepted to participate in the sport competition and his psychological condition became better and he was committed to attend the sport matches and exercises with his classmates. Wagdi could overcome the psychological pressures and integrated with the players from the different schools through this project that had a positive impact in improving his psychological condition.

The sport team that Wagdi participated in achieved the first center in the sport competition and he was chosen as the best player to lead his school team .In addition Wagdi committed to daily sport exercises with his classmates even after the end of the project .
Moreover wagdi was selected to play with the official Yemeni youth team next year

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