A workshop organized by IYSO, in coordination with the local authority in Taiz Governorate, reviewed the report of the Assessment of the community initiatives implemented by the organization on the issue of Taiz water challenges and solutions.

At the workshop, which was attended by 30 participants representatives the local authority, political parties and civil society organizations, the director of the local water institution, Mr. Badri Mohammed , reviewed the issues and obstacles facing the institution in supplying water to the city, whether in terms of operating budget or wells.

For his part, the project’s director in IYSO, Shehab Al-Burihi, reviewed the results of the collection of information and the field survey of the problem of water that has been stoped in the city since the outbreak of the war and the resulting consequences of the spread of diseases, the high cost of water by 100% 20% of the water conflicts, 37% of the sewage rash, and 90% of the citizens are willing to pay the water bills for reactivating the service.

He pointed out that the organization, in cooperation and coordination with the local authority, carried out many activities to support community issues in order to assess the community needs in the water, health and hygiene sector to support the state’s efforts to reactivate priority services such as water, and supported the efforts of the local authority, and pointed to the role of international organizations in alleviating the water problem since the outbreak of war.

The participants issued a number of recommendations aimed at addressing the problems and obstacles, reactivating the service, delivering water to homes and alleviating the water problem on the citizens.

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