Yesterday, IOM inaugurated the project of distributing winter hygiene kits to 1100 displaced family from different areas from in the previous mentioned districts. The distribution had been implemented by IYSO the local partner organization of the IOM .

The project considered one of the urgent response project that came to meet the displaced humanitarian needs. IOM could successfully reach the targeted beneficiaries in the most needed areas specially to the areas in the center of Taiz city ( Almodafar and Cairo districts ) and the distribution process of the winter hygiene kits went successfully .

And the project were distinguished with the variety of the contents of the winter hygiene kits such as, mattresses , blankets for adults and kids , covers , building tools , tarpaulins, kitchen tools and bags contained of several winter clothes for women and kids . This materials met the needs of the displaced people and helped them in facing the difficult circumstances and improved their living conditions in the areas of their displacement .

The beneficiaries had expressed their thanks and appreciation for IOM and its local partner IYSO for all the efforts had been made to improve the conditions of the displaced people through providing the urgent humanitarian relief represented by the winter hygiene kits.

It is important to mention that the displaced families who were targeted by the project were suffering from difficult humanitarian circumstances and this project funded by IOM and implemented by IYSO came to meet the urgent humanitarian needs in the targeted areas where the displaced people exist in .

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